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Make your voice stronger and sing more effectively!

What if singing could feel easy?

It's more simple than you think - it's all about the basics.



An expanding library of videos about every aspect of your voice, organized in a way that you can always find what you need at the right time to help you brush up on your technique and fix your problems.


The content of this course is not found on YouTube or anywhere else. You have exclusive access to tons of bonus material.

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I have been on stage for over 30 and I know what makes a great and versatile voice. You will be amazed at what training and preparation adds to your performances. Sit back and get ready for the most transformational course of your singing carrier.

I will be adding new material to this course all the time, always listening to what YOU need so I can help you become the best singer you can possibly be. 

Finally, find ease, power and beauty in your voice


No fluff, just straight to the point lessons with detailed explanations and practical exercises to apply what you've learned. After all, it's all about putting it into practice! 


Use your desktop or take the course with you anywhere you go on the mobile app. 


As a member, you will have lifetime access to all the lessons, including new ones that are added.


More Ease - less strain!

You will learn a whole new way of singing that is based on healthy singing habits and essential basics that will make singing easier. Goodbye vocal strain and hello resonant tone!

No matter WHAT your problem is, it always comes down to one of the BASICS.
In this course, I will help you MASTER these basics so that you can fix ANY and ALL problems and start using your full singing potential.

Better Pitch Accuracy for a Professional Sound

Ear training is often neglected by singers, but is an essential ingredient in achieving more pitch accuracy. When it comes down to it, nothing matters if you don't sing on pitch. "Back to the Basics" includes a whole section with ear training exercises especially for singers.

More Power & Beauty = Confidence

When you pair a strong technical foundation with musicality and a new level of skill when it comes to all the voice colors you can create with your voice, a whole new world of singing opens up to you. "Back to the Basics" will teach you these skills!

Ready to take your singing to the next level?


The course will expand as time passes, as I will add more lessons according to YOUR needs.

Back to the Basics

  • Introduction
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Support - The Heart of Singing

  • What is Support and Why is it so important?
  •  Center Your Body
  •  Diaphragm or not? That is the question!
  •  The Art of Inhaling and Exhaling
  •  Balancing Pressure & Closure
  • Some More Details About Support

Vocal Registers - Creating the Right Sound

  • Chest Voice
  • Chest voice - Exercises
  • Head Voice
  • Head Voice - Exercises
  • Falsetto
  • Falsetto - Exercises
  • Mixed Voice
  • Mixed Voice - Exercises
  • Belting
  • Belting - Exercises
  • Bonus: Belting Workshop

Perfecting Resonance - All the Moving Parts

  • The Larynx
  • The Jaw
  •  The Tongue
  •  The Soft Palate
  •  The Vocal Cords

Troubleshooting - What's Going Wrong?

  • My Voice is Cracking
  •  I have no power in my voice
  •  I Can't Sing on Pitch
  • BONUS: Exercises for Pitch Accuracy (Beginners)
  • BONUS: Ear Training - Part 1
  • BONUS: Ear Training - Part 2

 Vocal Warm-Ups & Exercises

  • Vocal Warm-Up Checklist Audioprogram
  • 5-Minute Warm-up Vocal Audio Program

Phrasing - Take Your Singing To The Next Level

  • Definition & Explanation: What is Phrasing
  • Harmony Progression & Instrumentation - How These Can Help You Sing Better
  • Melody Line - How To Use it to your Advantage
  • Enunciation - How To Make The Words Come Through
  • Voice Colors & Direction

More Accuracy - What Makes You a Truly Great Singer

  • Onset
  • Sliding and Slurring
  • Learning into The Pitch
  • Using Ping Correctly
  • Ending Pitches & Pitch Duration


  • Ah - The Foundation
  • Oh - Resonant & Open
  • Uh - Focus & Compression
  • Eh - Lifted & Bright
  • Ee - Pingy & Variable
  • Underlying Vowels in Consonants


  • Better Posture & Breathing Challenge
  • Better Onset Challenge
  • Better Resonance Challenge
  • Better Transitions Challenge
  • Better Mix Challenge
  • Better Tuning Challenge
  • Better Belting Challenge
  • Better Vocal Cord Closure Challenge
  • Better Voice Colors Challenge

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