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What Your Childhood Voice Has To Do With Your Singing Problems

singing tips vlog Oct 13, 2020

Did you ever consider what your childhood voice has to do with the way you sing today?

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Let's talk about your childhood voice. A lot of the foundation of your singing mentality and technique is laid in your childhood. 

A little bit of background of my story: I was born into a family of musicians. My dad was the singer in the house, doing gigs and singing classical music. My mom was a professional musician, an opera singer, and a classical guitar teacher at the conservatory. I had a really good understanding of music and a good level of musicality early on in life. I was very blessed to be able to learn music easily, which I know may be difficult for some people who start studying music later in life. This helped me develop a great mindset about singing. I don't think too much about those who will criticize me in a negative way. In order to learn, you have to open yourself up to the idea of  “I am not great at everything, I need to study”.

As a vocal coach, I am always honest with my students.  If there is something that needs work, I'm very honest about it. I do not sugarcoat anything, but I also say it with respect. I teach my student to accept constructive criticism because that's how they will be able to improve.

Thinking back to your childhood, was there a time when someone said something negative about your voice? 

You may not have perfect technique (yet) or your pitch may not  be perfect, but that shouldn't cause you to stop singing altogether. If you have doubts, talk to that voice in your head and say  “I have a right to practice and sing, I am going to learn. Nobody is living my life except me."

Understanding the connection between your current problems/strengths and the early years of your life can help you overcome insecurities so that you can focus on what you are actually great at.