Master Your Voice: My Personal Approach To More Skill And Depth In Singing - Beyond Perfect Technique!

Turn your voice into a powerful instrument

If singing is your passion, you're always on the lookout for anything that can help you stay inspired and motivated on your quest to become the best singer you can possibly be. Becoming a world-class singer doesn't just mean you have a solid technique, but mastering your mind as well as your body are also key elements for success. In my personal experience of being a professional singer on stage for a few decades, having performed in opera theater as well as cover bands all over the world, I have learned what it takes to stand out and how to find my identity as a singer. I share my story and want to help you write your own success story. No more struggles with technique, mindset, and staying on the ball! Your voice is more than an instrument. It's a reflection of your personality, hopes, dreams, and fears. This book will help you get one step closer to finding your uniqueness as a singer and having more confidence in the beauty of your voice. You will learn strategies to refine your technique and keep your instrument performing at its best.

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I somehow intuitively knew it was going to be a good book! And I was right! It's a warm story written by a nice lady Freya Casey whose greatest passion is music. Music and singing helped her a lot during many challenging moments of her life, she made a carrier out of it and now she is trying to share her passion and love for music with all of us. She is doing it in a simple, but efficient and engaging way. Inspiring, encouraging but also eye-opening (she doesn't hide some of the less fancy aspects of this "glamorous" world) and very, very helpful. I love the simple way she explains some complex musical terms in the book, the same way she uses on her fantastic youtube channel. This, very personal, book is not only about singing, it does cover so many aspects of becoming a world class singer, but it's much more. It reminds us we should really listen to our soul, get to know our talent and find a courage to express it, take care of ourselves and the others, lead a healthy life if we want to achieve anything, do our best and maybe even change our entire approach towards life. She spreads enthusiasm, wisdom, strength and hope and her book is like her smile, adorable :)

- Nikka

Freya not only teaches how to use your voice, but expands upon her own personal life-long journey,

Freya not only teaches how to use your voice, but expands upon her own personal life-long journey, one seemingly filled with serendipitous events that lead her to now, to her accumulation of wisdom packed into this book. This book is full of insights and personal anecdotes, tips and guidance, and the encouragement of personal exploration -of thoughts as well as your physical tool, your voice- necessary to shape your own unique style...The voice is an expression of self and integrating all parts of self brings possibilities. The more free you are, the more it reflects in your voice. You can sing songs and styles that you may have thought out of your league. Freya builds ground underneath you so that you can understand the steps to achieving your personal goals.

- J Ware

Great Inspirational Book for Beginning/ Emerging Vocal Artists

FFreya has written a beautiful and inspirational book to help motivate you on your own personal vocal journey. In this book, she speaks about her own personal journey, while giving helpful singing tips, explaining the mechanics behind the voice and giving you behind the scenes look at what goes into be a great singer, having a singing career and push your self to the limits. I recommend this book for all aspiring singers and musicians. I found it very motivating and insightful! it is a wonderful easy pick me up motivational read that will just simply make you want to sing your heart out!

- Carol Phillips

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