If singing is your passion, you're always on the lookout for anything that can help you stay inspired and motivated on your quest to become the best singer you can possibly be. Becoming a world class singer doesn't just mean you have a solid technique, but mastering your mind as well as body are also key elements for success. 

In my personal experience of being a professional singer on stage for a few decades, having performed in opera theatre as well as cover bands all over the world, I have learned what it takes to stand out and how to find my identity as a singer. 

I share my story and want to help you write your own success story. No more struggles with technique, mindset, and staying on the ball!

Your voice is more than an instrument. It's a reflection of your personality, hopes, dreams, and fears. This book will help you get one step closer to finding your uniqueness as a singer and having more confidence in the beauty of your voice. You will learn strategies to refine your technique and keep your instrument performing at its best.


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"I bought the book and the audiobook of "Master Your Voice". It's easy to read or listen to, since it's written in clear and straight-forward English so it's easy to follow! I'm a great fan of the way Freya explains and teaches the topics in this book! Don't hesitate, download it today!"

Rino Koek

"This is an awesome book. It is easy to follow with lots of detailed information from the technics of how to improve your singing to tips on how to be on top of surprises in your singing career. I would recommend this book to anyone who aspires to sing better and manage his/her singing career. Freya generously shares with us her own experience. What better way to learn than from the experience of a professional singer?"

Lillian Yap

"A beautifully written piece of work, taking the reader on a journey of inspiration. The material covered is very comprehensive, but not boring and detailed, but not heavy. Freya shares her experience on her own journey to be a professional performer. This information is indeed valuable or up and coming performers to avoid pitfalls and to be on top of surprises. The cover on the technique of singing has enough information to guide any newbie on the discovery of his/her voice, especially on resonance and pitching. I enjoyed this awesome book and had listened to the audio version of the 24 chapters in almost one go. The next step is for me to refer to the material part by part and to put into practice everyday."


"When Freya announced that she had written a book, I was so thrilled. I stumbled upon Freya's Youtube channel early 2018 and subscribed immediately. I have always had a passion for the arts and of coursed gravitated towards music and singing. I have religiously watched Freya's uploads on YouTube, making notes and practicing, and now after reading her book, my confidence, understanding and love for music and singing has been taken to another level (which I never thought was possible.) It is clear to see that Freya wrote her book from the heart, sharing personal insights into her experiences, set-backs and how to find that 'inner strength' to keep moving forward. No matter where you are on your vocal journey, beginner or experienced singer, Freya motivates and inspires you by sharing insightful and easy to understand tips about your voice and the mechanics behind it; without making anything too complicated to understand so that you can easily put her exercises and techniques into practice. Even before you finish the book you'll find yourself wanting to push your limits and drown out any negativity by singing out louder and prouder! Thank you Freya!"

Branden Don
South Africa

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