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7 Days To Perfect Support

In this FREE week-long video course you will learn why support is so important and how to lay the foundation for all of your singing. The course will take you through some exercises you probably have never heard of before... so, come in and find out!

The Most Common Singing Mistakes - FREE Live Webinar

Find out what the most common mistakes are when it comes to singing and how to avoid them. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced singer, I bet you need to work on most of these that I pinpoint in this live webinar.


FREE 5-Minute Warm-Up (Audio File)

Perfect for a quick daily warm-up, in the studio, car, or practice room. Always make sure you're well warmed up before you sing the hard stuff!

How To Be TRULY Great - FREE Video Series

What is the secret sauce that sets apart a good singer from a great singer? Learn what really matters in this FREE video series. 

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Complete Warm-Up Routine

FREE Vocal Warm-Up Audio Program (MP3)

This is a complete 30-minute warm-up routine, but also can be utilized as a full vocal workout to strengthen every part of your voice, from low to high, chest to head voice, soft to loud.

The exercises show how to use the checklist, which you can download as a PDF on the right. 

Download the FREE Vocal Warm-Up Checklist to complete your daily warm-up routine (PDF file).


Goal Tracking Sheet For SINGERS 

In order to make progress, you need to have a strategy in place and make a plan on how to achieve your goals step by step. 

This Goal Tracking Sheet will help you to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound):

It will help you to avoid overwhelm and tackle one issue at a time, and you will have such a greater sense of where you stand. 


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