Do you dream of being the best singer you can be?

I have seen so many singers on my journey who were not happy with their voices. Does any of this sound familiar to you:

  • you're frustrated, because you can't find ease in the way you sing and continuously struggle to find the ultimate technique, but can never figure it out.
  • you've been taking lessons but don't feel you're making any progress, since you either don't understand what your teacher is telling you, or he/she simply doesn't give you any advice that's helpful.
  • you feel like your voice is getting worse instead of better, and you're afraid you will do damage if you don't do it right.
  • you don't feel that your voice sounds like your natural voice, and you're just not comfortable with the way it sounds and feels when you sing.


I've never had any major struggles with my voice, and I know EXACTLY why! I can teach you the same techniques that have helped me sing with ease and power and be a successful professional singer

In the masterclass, you will accomplish so much more than studying with a teacher on a weekly basis or teaching yourself by watching tutorials and buying self-study singing courses. 

You will gain a clear understanding of how your voice works, and why some habits you have work, while others prevent you from reaching your true potential.

You will develop invaluable relationships with the other members of the masterclass, always having a support system in place even when you need it. 

Things you will learn include: 

  • expanding your range
  • belting higher
  • better support
  • better resonance to have a more open tone
  • pitch control
  • choosing the right repertoire for you
  • how to avoid vocal strain that leads to hoarseness and vocal cord damage
  • how to sing with more power without strain
  • register transitions, mixed voice, falsetto, chest voice, head voice
  • and so much more... 

Why is the Online Masterclass the best way for you to take your singing to the next level?

  • You have daily access to your personal vocal coach and can ask questions whenever they arise and are fresh in your memory. You basically get a flat rate for feedback from your coach!
  • You can study any genre: opera, pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre, and more
  • You don't have to drive anywhere, so you save a lot of time that you can invest into your singing
  • You will have access to a huge library of training videos and materials to help you learn concepts
  • You will have accountability partners every day of your journey, motivating you and pushing you along
  • You will learn invaluable lessons by watching the struggles and progress of the other singers in the group, and you will form wonderful friendships with other singers who share your passion for singing and are on the same journey
  • A single lesson with a really top notch vocal coach could cost you anywhere between 80 and 150 USD. That's for ONE lesson. In the masterclass, you get as many lessons as you need, and you can work whenever you have time, since you don't have to show up at a specific time.

Margo won a competition after participating in the MASTERCLASS!



Freya Casey has been a professional singer and vocal coach for more than 20 years and has been performing on stage for more than 30 years. Having performed on stages all over the world, she has explored almost every genre, from opera and musical theatre to jazz, pop, and rock. 

She earned her BM in Vocal Performance at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and her soloist diploma as an opera singer at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart (Germany). 

Besides being an active performing artist, Freya has a passion to help ambitious singers of all levels find their voices and fully enjoy singing, so they too can give the gift of music to people around them.

Some Live Performance Excerpts...


"I feel the energy and involvement Freya puts into all of her teaching videos, podcasts, live streaming, Master Your Voice and Masterclass series is truly inspiring. It creates a feeling of commeraderie amongst all the participants and members and Freya encourages and fosters this all the way. Freya keeps everything interesting. By choosing to include unpredictable twists and added surprises, she makes one believe that anything is possible so long as you put in the work. Freya Casey is a wonderful inspiration for anyone who wants to learn about everything that has to do with singing."

Kelvin Robertson

Esthibaliz Rojas' Transformation


The Masterclass is perfect for you if...

  • you want to study from the comfort of your home
  • you want to be held accountable to make sure you make progress every day
  • you want to learn from one of the best coaches out there
  • you want to form awesome friendships with other like-minded singers from all over the world
  • you want to understand your voice and find the perfect way to sing
  • you want personal interaction with your coach every week

Nastya from Siberia



4-Month Membership



Weekly LIVE Masterclass

Private Masterclass Community

Daily Responses from Freya

Access to Exclusive Instructional Videos & Courses

Access to all Recorded Group Meeting Sessions


4-Month Membership



Weekly LIVE Masterclass

Private Masterclass Community

Daily Feedback From Freya

Access to Exclusive Videos & Courses

Access to All Recorded Group Meeting Sessions


Our weekly group meetings will be held every Monday at 3 PM Central European Time (Berlin), which is 9 AM Eastern (U.S.). You can use this link to check the correct time in your time zone: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/.

If you're not able to participate in the group meetings, don't worry! You can always get your coaching via video response from Freya in the private Facebook group.  

Each group meeting will be recorded and will be available for you to watch whenever you wish. 

"I took part in the first masterclass January-April 17... and than again September- November... I cannot tell you how much I grown, and not only as far as my singing goes.. I am a far more confident person overall! I had never been comfortable communicating on Skype... and the thought of being in a group video meeting was daunting! After two years in a choir, I found I could sing reasonably in my head voice... but my chest voice was weak, and I had a big problem with a break between my chest and head voices. I was wanting to start to sing songs like " I dreamed a dream" and " think of me" I was very unsure as I talked with Freya about joining the class, as I thought the other members would all be great singers already, and would be younger than me. I could not have been more wrong.. and I am close friends with many of the members from both masterclasses..... I have become SO confident now recording myself! And I see it in my face on my videos! The Classes are really enjoyable, and there are SO many learning points in every session... whether we are talking about a song I posted... or another persons song... learning about vocal technique, plus performance aspects, looking convincing as you get the song across to ones audience... putting emotion into the delivery... I really needed this due to my initial awkwardness in front of a camera, or audience... We were free to post songs into the private Facebook group page as often as we wanted to, and Freya would comment or make a video critique... and then we could re post an improved version. My progress has been steady... and I know the areas I need to work on at any one time... it was great to know that over the 3 months I could get quick personalised answers to any query I had about my singing, either by posting a question into the group, or making a video or audio recording. Oh, and the feedback from all other group members rapidly became a part of the experience , as we got to know each other more. We learned from each other.. I am sad we will have our last session tomorrow... hmmm when does the next session start?"

Janet Wilson
Singing Enthusiast



You will share and find solutions for all vocal problems, technical or mindset related, in a group of motivated singers. You will feel motivated and inspired by our small community to take your skills to the next level. 

Personal Feedback from Freya

You will get personal responses from Freya to all the videos and questions you post. You will gain a clear understanding what steps to take to move forward to become the singer you've always wanted to be.


In a small community only accessible to masterclass members, you can post all of your assignments and songs you're working on and will get Freya's comments and critique to help you make massive progress.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate as an absolute beginner? Yes, you absolutely can! It doesn't matter what level you're at or how long you've been singing. Since you will get individualized feedback and exercises tailored to your unique issues, you will get the most out of the masterclass at any stage of your singing journey.

How often will I get feedback? As often as you'd like! As long as you're part of the program, you will get feedback during our group calls, which take place every Monday at 3 PM Central European Time. Moreover, you will be able to post videos as often as you like in the Masterclass Community that is created just for the Masterclass members and will get Freya's feedback Monday through Friday. You will also get feedback and support from everyone else in the Masterclass. So, potentially, you will be able to get instruction every single day as long as you're in the Masterclass.

Can I still participate if I can't make the group meetings? Yes, you can! Since you will mostly receive Freya's feedback Masterclass Community, you will not miss out if you can't attend the weekly meetings. You can still benefit from the discussions and teachings in the group meetings by watching the recordings of the sessions, which will be made available for you. This way, you will have access to an awesome training library and still get daily feedback in the community.

Am I too old/too young to participate? No! You can participate at any age. If you're younger than 18, you weel need permission from your parents. There have been members as young as 11 and as old as 80 years.

Do I need any special equipment to participate? No! All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device such as a smart phone or a webcam in order to shoot and post your videos. You also need a Facebook account. No one will see that you're part of the group or what you post there, since it is a secret group and can't be found by anyone who isn't part of it. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

"Hi! I’m Tiago Rocha, from Brazil, professional singer/songwriter, student in MasterClass. The concept of this online course matches perfectly with my demands for developing my singing with artistry and absorbing the right technique. Furthermore it fits my busy schedule so well! Freya Casey is not only a masterful teacher and artist, but gives insightful diagnosis and orientation to make us better singers. The format of recording videos at anytime and receiving detailed feedbacks surmounted my expectations, because it’s not a cold list of to-dos, but a lively and artisanal care of each voice. Download the feedback videos from Freya and you’ll have personalized workouts for months long. The Facebook group is like a “singing tribe” where everyone learn with each other’s own background, repertoire and improvements. Really enjoyable 🙂 I recommend the MasterClass for you who love and is serious about the art of singing. Thank you, Freya!"

Tiago from Brazil

"Hello Everyone: Before I took Freya’s Masterclass, my prior experience consisted of only taking online lessons from a well-known coach on the internet. After taking the course, I sent in for an evaluation and the coach pointed out that I had a nice voice, but my chest voice was non-existent. I realized quickly that I needed the help of a coach that I could communicate with because I didn’t even know how to begin finding my chest voice. So that led me to Freya Casey’s Masterclass. I found Freya to be very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, easy going, and wanting to help you to be the best you can be. Also, the people in the Masterclass were so supportive and helped me to relax right away. I felt it was more of a family than a class. I put in the work and she has helped me to train the following problems: too much vibrato, finding and singing in chest voice, breathing correctly, phrasing, and singing vowels correctly. I felt that she has done an amazing job so far and my singing has improved one hundred percent. If you are experiencing some of these same issues and you want to take your singing to the next level, give Freya a chance. She is first rate and if you put in the work, I guarantee you will improve."

Betty Jo from the U.S.
Job Title

"I can absolutely recommend Freya’s 4-month Masterclass! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced singer, you will feel very welcomed in the group and will be encouraged and motivated by everyone. Freya responds to any questions and videos very quickly and you can tell that she truly enjoys sharing all her expertise. She hears immediately what you need to work on with your voice and gives you specific exercises and tips. It’s easy to understand what she means, because she usually makes a video response, so you can hear and see her demonstrate. Freya’s pleasant, honest and professional way of communicating makes you feel like you’re taken seriously so you don’t ever lose your joy for practice. This class has catapulted me forward within a short time and opened new horizons. I’m so happy to have taken advantage of this opportunity!"

Jasmin from Switzerland
Semi-Professional Singer

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