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Do you dream of having a magnificent singing voice that can bring your favorite songs to life?

Discover the power of your voice with me! Learn how to craft beautiful, captivating performances by unlocking your natural gift of singing. Join me on a journey to soar to new heights and make your dreams come true!



is for you if...

you know deep down you're ready for more, ready for the next level musically, but you're concerned about having to get there alone

you've had some success with your singing, but you're ready for the next level of artistry, and looking for an experienced artist and coach to guide you

you have gotten to the place where you need customized advice and be surrounded by other ambitious singers to move forward, not just more group coaching

you've been searching for a coach who has the experience both on-stage and off-stage, as a performer and vocal coach, to be your mentor

So ask yourself...


  Have you been taking lessons or online courses but still don't have the skills you need to sing the songs you want to sing?

  Are you ready to finally get the custom coaching you need to make YOUR voice shine?

  Are you ready to bring the FUN back into your singing practice and performance?

  Are you ready to have someone you can ask questions and get advice from when you need it?

  Are you ready to share your gifts and talents in a bigger way and want help and encouragement to make it happen?


I know right where you are...

I used to think that you either can sing or you can't and that everybody who is good was born with a natural talent. 

Boy was I wrong!

It wasn't until I started studying voice in college that I found out how much can actually be learned - no matter what your "natural" skill level is. 

I was blessed to have a teacher who got my voice. 

When your dream is to unlock the full potential of your voice, you don't need another video tutorial. You need a coach and mentor who has the skill and knowledge to help you fix your vocal problems so that you can sing with your true authentic voice for the rest of your life. 

After being in the business of singing and making a full-time living with it for the past 20+ years, I know what's relevant and what will move the needle in the right direction. 

I want to provide an environment for you that will nurture progress.

You are not destined to stay stuck and frustrated. There is a way past it...but it will take effort and being willing to try new things.

Are you feeling stuck, stuck in a downward spiral of unfulfilled goals and dreams? Do you feel like you need something more than just relying on your own willpower to keep you motivated? Is it difficult to stay on track with your goals and make progress?

If so, then it might be time to look into a coaching program that combines skill, mindset, and community to help you stay motivated, stay on track, and be held accountable. With the right coaching program, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Are you ready for what is next?



This singing program is unlike anything you've ever experienced. 

There are tons of video courses out there, and so many teachers to choose from that you can either take lessons with online or in a local studio. 

What NONE of these offer is the combination of 1-on-1 coaching, group interaction, video courses, live meetings, and expert interviews. All while allowing you to work at a time that's convenient for you in a space where you feel comfortable: your home. 

We won't just work on one piece of the puzzle, but on the entire puzzle: your skill, artistry, mindset, confidence, repertoire choice, and so much more. 

The Vocal Mastery Lab is everything you need. 



The ideal time commitment to achieve your goals is 6 months. This will give us time to get to know each other so I can guide you toward finding your true authentic voice and developing a healthy technique that will allow you to use your voice fully for the rest of your life. 


This is the heart of our 1-on-1 coaching experience. You will have private access to me via the Marco Polo video messaging app. All you need is your phone. 

You will also be able to post  videos of songs you're working on in our private Facebook group for review. 


There will be a variety of trainings every month. In our monthly live Zoom meeting (times will vary so that everyone has a chance to attend), we will do hot seats where you have the opportunity to ask questions or get coaching on a specific issue. 


There will be a group channel in the Marco Polo app that we can all brainstorm together and I can demonstrate whatever anyone asks me about. Of course, we also have our Facebook community to stay connected, which will be a vital part of being held accountable. 

As a special perk, you will have your personal accountability coach who will check in with you weekly to keep you on track. 


The Vocal Mastery Lab is STACKED with features. Here's what you can expect: 


Weekly training to help you resolve your technique and mindset blocks so you can take your singing skills to the next level. 




Get weekly support in the form of live Zoom meetings, hot seats, guest teachers, and our private Facebook group. 

Get daily support in our private Marco Polo video chats and group video chats.

Performance Assesment

Every week, you have the opportunity to get an assessment of your overall performance, tips and advice on your technique, interpretation, and how to capture your audience's interest.


You'll be part of our small Facebook group to connect with other wonderful singers so you can inspire and motivate each other as well as share tips and tricks that have worked for you. 


Insider Access

Your membership includes FREE access to ALL of my programs, including The Online Singing School, Back to Basics, Perfect Beginnings, The Vocal Warm-Ups Vault, The Vocal Troubleshooting Guide, and Conquer Your Stage Fright. 


Your personal accountability coach will keep you on target and on track to reach all of your goals. She's here to keep you accountable and cheer you on!


You will also get access to 10 mindset trainings ready for you to watch whenever these issues come up. Here is an overview of these trainings. Have you ever needed help in these areas?
Allowing Failure

There's no way around it: you will fail from time to time. But how do you handle it when it happens - on stage or in the studio?


It's only natural to aspire to sound like your favorite singer. But how much comparison is healthy, and when does it begin to hinder you in your growth?


If you're stuck in a cycle of inaction because you're waiting for the perfect moment, you need to begin reframing your mindset. 


What do you expect from yourself? What does your audience expect from you? Is what you THINK is expected true? Find out in this training video.

Selling yourself

If you want your audience to love what you do, you don't just need skill. You also need to sell yourself because it's the key to success. 


If you keep postponing taking action because you tell yourself you can do it later, you may be giving away tons of opportunities for success. 


How do you deal with criticism? Not being afraid of what others think and having a positive mindset even when you do get criticized, will make your journey fail-proof. 

Accepting your voice

If you have issues with your own attitude toward your voice, you need to watch this training!

Dealing with applause/praise

This is something most of us have problems with because we're always told that we need to be modest and not brag. However, accepting applause has nothing to do with being full of yourself. It's merely an appreciation of your audience's positive reaction to your performance. 


If you find yourself feeling embarrassed when you know others listen to you practice, you need to work through that because it will hold you back from showing your full potential. 

Are you ready for VOCAL MASTERY?


This will be the most intimate setting, smallest group of students I work with in this way. Because of this, once we reach capacity, a waitlist will be started and we will invite people from the waitlist when a spot is available!

Now it is time to join the...

Join today with a 6-month commitment to receive the absolute best pricing and get the most from what The Vocal Mastery Lab has to offer!


or pay monthly with 6 payments of $497

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Meet your coaches...

Freya Casey

Freya has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University (graduated manga cum laude) and a soloist diploma in opera from Musikhochschule Stuttgart in Germany. 

She has performed lead roles such as Gilda, Zerbinetta, Adele, Susanna, and Gretel. As a lyric coloratura soprano and soubrette, she has focused on singing with spin in her resonance to achieve a brilliant sound without pushing and just being loud. 

A healthy technique has allowed her to sing in other genres from musical theatre to pop, rock, jazz, gospel, and more. 

Her approach includes elements from Bel Canto, Speech Level Singing, Alexander Technique, and Estill Voice Technique. Her motto is: assimilate the best from the best and use it to your advantage to become the best. 

Crystal Linares (accountability coach)

CJ has a B.S. in Sports and Health Science where she studied many of the training methods both physically and psychologically of athletes.  These skills can be applied to so many areas of our life!  Coaching and mentoring in a variety of roles including education, running, and health and wellness has been a great source of joy to her.   She loves listening to a person's goal and providing the encouragement to help achieve it.  It is important that each individual focus on the target of where they are going rather than where they are right now!  Being a cheerleader for each individual is her primary intention with the motto,  "small steps each day add up to big changes in the future." She is passionate about the art of singing and is enjoying her lifelong journey of learning about this craft. She has sung in church throughout her life.  Fun singing opportunities for CJ have been during high school musicals, a cruise ship impersonation contest, mall singing competition, a wedding, and frequently singing at karaoke nights in her town.  She is thankful to Freya for all of her fantastic coaching these past few years and is thrilled to be a part of her team.