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Are you ready to tackle all of your singing issues and get some clarity?

I’m the happiest person in the world to have turned my greatest passion into my profession: singing!
I have been performing all around the world for many years, in opera, musical theatre, with orchestras, bands, combos, and as a solo artist. Teaching voice lessons has always been a passion of mine, especially igniting the love for singing in singers with all kinds of backgrounds – beginner or pro!
I hold a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and have an artist diploma as an opera singer. However, I have always sung in all genres, whether it be jazz, pop, soul, blues rock, or gospel. I believe that no one needs to put limitations on their voice and decide for one genre. It’s all a matter of technique, and you can learn it!
That is what I’m here for: to help you discover the AWESOMENESS in your voice!
I hope you find helpful information in this blog. Always keep the music in your heart!!!
What I Teach
My philosophy is that singing should be easy – which doesn’t mean that it isn’t work at times! Minimizing strain on your vocal cords, jaw, neck, shoulders, larynx while strengthening your core which is essential for great support.
I believe singing is made up of multiple components: Physiology, Psychology, Technique, Personality. They’re all important, and only when they’re connected, do you feel true freedom in expressing yourself vocally.

4-Month Masterclass - Supercharge Your Singing Skills!

In my most intensive program, daily individual feedback is paired with the community of a small group of singers from all over the world and all levels. 

This is the best investment into your singing for massive progress and taking your singing skills to the next level. 


Online Lessons Via Skype

In a 1-on-1 online coaching session via Skype, you get to tap into my knowledge and expertise of a lifetime of singing. Spaces are very limited!


Get Personalized Feedback On Video

You can send me a video or audio clip of yourself singing, and I will give you detailed feedback about your technique and what needs improvement.

By the way, you can download the video and it's yours to keep. It's for your eyes only.


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